1133 Powell Road
Chester Twp., PA 19015

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Our Instructional Program

 Toby Farms Nursery School is an excellent child development program for your child.  You will notice your child’s imagination and curiosity will grow each day.  The following information will guide you through the curriculum that your child will be exposed to during the academic year.

Research shows that the most brain development takes place during birth to age five.  Infants and Preschoolers are like “sponges”, taking in everything around them and constantly make connections to their world. 

It is a fact that children who participate in an academic preschool program are better prepared and more successful when they enter formal schooling.  They are taught the skills and discipline needed to become lifelong learners.

The little scholars at the Toby Farms Nursery School will learn:

  •  Social Skills
  •  Emotional Skills
  •  Cognitive Skills
  •  Independence Skills
  •  Colors
  •  Alphabet
  •  Numbers
  •  Personal Information
  •  Days of the Week
  •  Months of the Year
  •  Scientific Discovery
  •  Mathematical Concepts
  •  Classification
  •  Much, Much More
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